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what is a cream draft?

The American Cream Draft Horse is exactly as the name describes.

First, it is truly American, with roots back to a mare in central Iowa around 1905 known as “Old Granny” who was the foundation mare of this breed.

Second, it is Cream in color, which is one of the three main physical characteristics manifested by the working of the “Champagne” gene. The other two traits which are obvious in an American Cream are the pink skin and the amber colored eyes.

Third, they are a draft animal, built as those originally used to farm in the breadbasket of this country before the age of mechanization.

Here is a video about the American Cream Draft Horse that is pretty informational about the breed
link courtesy of "California Country" website:

Cream Draft Horse named "Sour Cream"

Cream Mare & her colt

The horse (mare) is Colonial Williamsburg Sour Cream (CW Sour Cream), reg. #230, and the colt is Colonial Williamsburg Cream Soda (CW Cream Soda), reg. #299.

Finally, they are a horse, with all the beauty of movement of an top athlete, and the graceful power that can be directed with little more than a whisper.

Please explore this site for more detailed information and history on the breed, as well as photos and news of past and upcoming events. This site also has links which may provide additional information of interest. Ask any questions that come to mind, we like to talk about our Creams.




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